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Our global footprint

SLB engineer walking outside between two pipes laying down
SLB engineer walking outside between two pipes laying down
SLB employee standing in front of three spindles

Global reach, local impact

We are committed to in-country value with local talent.

We believe in recruiting where we work. By partnering with local people and organizations, we bring both regional understanding into each project and growth opportunity for our communities.

Our global platform also gives local teams the chance to connect with other experts worldwide. This—combined with access to the latest technologies and relevant, timely data from across our network—delivers the optimal performance that you’d expect from a truly collaborative environment.


We have the tech, knowledge, and operations that match regional needs.

Each project sees us evolve alongside our partners. We recognize customers’ unique challenges as the chance to reframe our approach and reimagine our limits. How do we best combine our expertise, tailored technology, and digital innovation to adapt to local constraints and deliver beyond expectations?

Fit-for-basin technology projects
Regional manufacturing centers
Local service partners
Access to relevant data

Tailored cloud solution: stay local or go global

Define your own data borders.

Local data can be kept that way. Our partnership with IBM and Red Hat OpenShift® enables us to continue offering the first-ever private and public digital environment for people across energy domains and regions. Customizable data access for the user in a single, secure framework for the enterprise.

Worldwide Operations

With operations in over 120 countries, we bring a strong focus on our customers and regional dynamics.

Explore some of our regions

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Where imagination drives ideas: our innovation centers

SLB has a global network of R&D and deployment teams that advance digital solutions and technology to create a more sustainable energy industry.


The Schlumberger Foundation
The Foundation is accelerating gender equality in STEM education and has supported more than 800 women from 86 countries since 2004.
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