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Our Values

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SLB is committed to providing technologies and services that enhance and optimize our customers' performance while creating mutual value for all involved. To that end, we look to three core values that guide the decisions we make as we pursue our ambitions:

  • We value People, because our exceptional and diverse people are the pulse and spirit of who we are.
  • We value Technology, because our passion for exploring enables us to solve the world’s energy challenges.
  • We value Performance, because together we deliver outstanding results to build a sustainable future.

Our Promise and Commitment to you

We are facing the world’s greatest balancing act—how to simultaneously meet the world’s growing energy demands while rapidly reducing harmful emissions.

This is a pivotal time. The transition to a low-carbon energy system is the largest, most important industrial shift ever attempted, and it will take decades to achieve. As a technology company, we have a responsibility to drive energy innovation and to help accelerate the decarbonization of industry-at-large while building a new energy landscape. Assuring sustainable progress for all on the journey to net zero and beyond. Because our collective future depends on it, for a balanced planet.

Across 100 years of innovation, through the ingenuity and pioneering spirit of our people, we have developed a reputation as change makers. And while we don’t have all the answers, we are not afraid of asking the difficult questions. Of ourselves, our partners, and the industry.

We believe that the biggest challenges need the most innovative thinking. To us, that demands diversity of thought. That’s why above all, we value our people, spanning 160 nationalities across the world. Our passion for exploring enables us to solve these big challenges and to develop the future technologies that we need.

And while we work together with you, our partners and stakeholders, to deliver extraordinary results for a sustainable future, you can always count on us to put safety, security, and humanity at the heart of everything we do. Because while our business, industry, and our world are all changing fast, our commitment to integrity and performance does not.

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Decarbonize Your Operations

We are applying our expertise, scale, and technology to help decarbonize industry. Our innovation and partnerships are helping customers drive performance and sustainability. Discover how our portfolio of Transition Technologies can reduce your carbon footprint and accelerate the path to net zero.

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