Discounted Stock Purchase Plan

When you leave Schlumberger & have a Discounted Stock Purchase Plan account at Mellon...

  • sell your shares on-line or via phone at Mellon, or
  • transfer your shares to a Direct Registration account at Computershare.

If you sell your shares, you can receive your sale proceeds via wire transfer as per the bank details you have recorded on the Mellon website. If you do not have any wiring instructions on record, a check for the proceeds of your sale will be mailed to your home address on record. If you choose to transfer your shares to a Direct Registration account at Computershare, an account will be opened for you and a Transaction Advice will be mailed to your home address of record. Please see the shareholder FAQ section on for additional information about Computershare and the Direct Registration.

If you do not make an election within 60 days, all shares in your Mellon account will be automatically transferred to a Direct Registration account at Computershare and a Transaction Advice will be mailed to you.

Any cash remaining in your account will be converted into the currency of your last payroll contribution and automatically refunded to you via check. (Example: if you were on US payroll you will receive a refund check in US$, if you were on French payroll you will receive a refund check in Euro, etc.).

How can I access my account at Mellon? DSPP personal accounts can be monitored on Internet via the Mellon website (access via slb + your gin # in 8 digits as login id & your Mellon PIN password) at using Internet Explorer. Example of login ID: if your GIN is 123456, your login ID will be slb00123456

How can I contact Mellon or close my account via telephone? If you have any question, please contact Mellon. Mellon can be contacted via e-mail to or via telephone: +1-866-752-3777 (in the US) +1-201-329-8253 (outside the US).

What if my home address is incorrect at Mellon? Please contact your last Personnel or Payroll representative and ask her/him to update your SAP PH1 current mailing address. Once the address is updated in SAP, it will be forwarded to Mellon automatically. The timing will be as follows: our data transfer batch currently runs every Wednesday morning Paris time and picks up the latest changes in SAP, the data are then refreshed in the Mellon database by the following Monday.

Mellon PIN code:
  • Your Mellon PIN code will be required to transact on-line on the Mellon website (for example to sell your shares). If you have lost or do not remember your PIN code, please contact Mellon and ask to reset your PIN code. PIN codes can only be sent by Mellon via e-mail to your personal Schlumberger e-mail address as per the LDAP directory or via surface mail to your current home address.
  • If you still have access to the Schlumberger Intranet and have a Schlumberger LDAP e-mail address, please connect to your Mellon account using e-DSPP and, after you have clicked on the Mellon green icon to connect to the Mellon website, please click on the “Forgot your password” link, a new PIN code will be automatically e-mailed to your Schlumberger LDAP e-mail address.

DSPP Purchase Price History