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Pipeline Monitoring

Comprehensive packages of distributed temperature and vibration sensing systems

Continuous temperature, strain, and vibration measurements enable detecting a wide range of events that may threaten a pipeline’s integrity. Schlumberger offers the industry’s first fully integrated fiber-optic monitoring systems that measure temperature, strain, and vibration measurements at once—anywhere in the world. This real-time data helps operators seamlessly and easily monitor the full length of pipelines for potential or actual issues that can threaten production.

Broad surveillance with pinpoint accuracy

The positional accuracy of detection is as little as ±3 ft [1 m]. The system has a 125-mi [200-km] range and can be easily networked with pipelines of any length.

Modular solutions to fit your project

Whether your application calls for discrete sensors, a bundled offering, or a comprehensive turnkey monitoring regime, Schlumberger can provide the optimal solution. Our portfolio includes

  • short-, standard-, and long-range systems
  • single- and dual-channel configurations
  • distributed vibration, strain, and temperature sensors
  • real-time intelligent solutions
  • fully integrated monitoring schemes with Integriti Data Manager midstream pipeline and process integrity software.
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