If you missed us at SEG 2018 in Anaheim this year, there's still time to discover the Schlumberger technology, software, and services that can accelerate your data-to-discovery journey in basins around the world.

Our solutions are powered by

  • DELFI cognitive E&P environment, which unites planning, operations, advances in technical disciplines, and decades of domain knowledge
  • extensive multiclient library
  • secure, cloud-based geophysical, drilling, and production software
  • high performance computing capabilities
  • local and global expertise

all designed to help you save time and costs and succeed faster—at every stage of the E&P life cycle.

Stage Presentation Topics

Explore the themes our experts discussed over three days of technical demonstrations.

SEG Presentation Schedule

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  • 40 Years of Technology-Driven Exploration Success in the Gulf of Mexico
  • A New-Ventures Perspective on Global Exploration Hotspots
  • All the Right Tools—A Multidisciplinary Approach to Subsurface E&P Success Using Advanced Geophysics Software
  • An Open Cloud-Native Ecosystem that Extends and Customizes Your Workflows with DELFI Environment
  • Cloud Meets E&P—Schlumberger and Google Discuss our Collaboration on the DELFI Environment
  • Digital Technology—From Promise to Performance
  • Improve Your Image—Integrating Cutting-Edge Solutions from Seismic Processing to Interpretation and Beyond
  • Managing and Mitigating Risk in Deepwater Exploration
  • New Integrated Sonic Workflows for Seismic Calibration and Drilling Stability in Techlog Platform
  • New Technology to Illuminate Complex Brazil Presalt Structures
  • Petrel Platform 2018—A 20-Year Legacy, and Your Input Continues
  • Smart Solutions—The Value of Full-Azimuth Data for Complex Gulf of Mexico Challenges
  • The Future of Imaging—What's New in Full-Waveform Inversion
  • The Role of Surface Seismic—Water Avoidance, Landing, and Sweet Spotting Solutions for the Permian Basin
Technical Paper Presentations

View the technical papers presented throughout the week at SEG.


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Meet the Experts

DELFI Environment Data Ecosystem
Product Champion Gary Murphy will show how the DELFI environment data ecosystem powers the environment’s domain workflows and enables secure cross-discipline collaboration.

Data Analytics and Machine Learning
Program Manager Aria Abubakar will present applications that automate processing and interpretation of seismic and wellbore data.

DELFI Environment Openness
Portfolio Manager Ahmed Adnan Aqrawi will give live demos of the tools for collaboration, communication, and development within the cloud-based solution and discuss what to expect from the current technology stack.

Petrel Advanced Geophysics
Senior Geophysicist Matt Miller will introduce the advanced geophysics capabilities within the Petrel platform, including quantitative interpretation and prestack tools.

DELFI and Google
DELFI Champion Ashley Weir will explore how the cognitive E&P environment unites planning and operations, bringing together advances in technical disciplines and decades of unrivaled domain knowledge.

Geophysical Interpretation
Geophysics Portfolio Product Champion Surender Manral will be available to talk about the present and future developments of Petrel Geophysics and Digital Geophysical workflows. 

Multiclient Offshore Exploration Services
Regional Exploration Leads Kevin Lyons, Raul Ysaccis, and Maxim Mikhaltsev will discuss how WesternGeco multiclient data can help address the challenges you face throughout the exploration and development lifecycle. 

Multiclient Onshore Exploration Services
Scientific Advisor David Paddock and Exploration Lead Unconventionals Sudhaven Sudhakar will present our latest wide-azimuth multiclient surveys in the Permian Basin. 

Geophysics Software
The WesternGeco software team will showcase its latest technologies. Gwendolyn Weiss will share how the Omega platform’s comprehensive workflows can help you solve your geophysical challenges. Alice Batlai will present the interactive workflows available through the Petrel plugins. Nerissa Goodman will demonstrate the extensive set of tools available in OMNI 3D and VISTA software. Stop by to discuss how we can tailor our offerings to meet your objectives. 

Geophysical Processing and Imaging
Geophysics Lead David Watts will showcase the latest WesternGeco technologies and solutions that address the challenges you may face in understanding the geological environment of your subsurface asset.

Digital Integrated Solutions
Product Champion Sharon Teebenny will showcase how we are revolutionizing seismic processing to provide dynamic end-to-end solutions to customers.