When confronted with tough exploration decisions, it helps to be armed with the best data available. Our world-leading multiclient library includes data from basins all over the world, providing critical subsurface insight to help you make the most informed decisions.

Multiclient data library: Interactive map

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Multiclient Data Library

Gain access to the most relevant geophysical data available for bid rounds spanning the globe. Get the competitive advantage you need to select the best available prospects to meet the exploration goals of your operation.

Gulf of Mexico

Multiclient data library: Gulf of Mexico

From Green Canyon to Campeche, WesternGeco offers the most extensive multiclient data library in the Gulf of Mexico, including new and reprocessed NAZ, WAZ, and FAZ marine seismic surveys with additional multiphysics data integration projects.

Latin America

Multiclient data library: Latin America

Our multiclient data library includes 2D and 3D seismic data from the Campos, Santos, Espirito Santo, and Potiguar Basins, with extensive coverage of Brazil’s hottest offshore areas. Also available is seismic data from Uruguay’s underexplored continental margin.


Multiclient data library: Europe

Looking to develop around Europe? Barents Sea Nordkapp and Bjørnøya Ice Bear survey data is available now, together with reprocessed 2D data offshore Spain and Black Sea data offering increased resolution and improved imaging.


Multiclient data library: Africa

With exploration opportunities developing around the continent, we offer a robust data portfolio covering Africa’s most important basins, including surveys from Mozambique, Guinea, Angola, and the Egyptian Red Sea.

Southeast Asia and Australia

Multiclient data library: Southeast Asia and Australia

Australia and Southeast Asia represent areas of complex geology with opportunities for exploration in both developed and frontier basins. Access newly acquired and reprocessed seismic data from the region’s most exciting basins.


Gulf of Mexico

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TGS and Schlumberger Announce New Multiclient Nodal Seismic Project in US Gulf of Mexico
The project, named “Amendment,” will comprise acquisition of a 2,350-km2 multiclient seismic survey in the Mississippi Canyon and Atwater Valley protraction areas of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. This prolific area includes open acreage, existing producing assets and new discoveries…

Egyptian Red Sea

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TGS and Schlumberger Announce New 2D Multiclient Project in Egyptian Red Sea
The project will comprise acquisition of a 10,000 km 2D long-offset broadband multiclient seismic survey. Advanced new acquisition and imaging techniques will provide better illumination of complex subsalt structures…

Onshore Mexico

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Schlumberger and Seitel Announce New 2D Multiclient Reimaging Program Onshore Mexico
The newly reprocessed seismic data and any new acquisition projects will provide subsurface images of proven oil and gas reservoirs in the Sabina-Burgos, Tampico-Misantla, Veracruz and Sureste areas, as well as the under-explored Chihuahua province…