Maze Microfluidic SARA Analysis

The Maze microfluidic SARA analysis fully automates the process for testing oil samples for saturates, aromatics, resins, and asphaltenes (SARA). Coupling novel microfluidic chip technology and spectroscopy, Maze analysis delivers precise fluid measurements that are always repeatable and reproducible.

Results from the Maze microfluidic SARA analysis bring certainty to your operation, with multiple upstream and downstream applications—including validating oil samples prior to PVT analysis, understanding physical and refining properties, assessing crude oil value, and supporting flow assurance and geochemical studies.

Changing the face of SARA analysis: Watch video

Maze microfluidic SARA analysis utilizes the oil and gas industry’s first application of microfluidic technology, delivering the most precise fluid measurements with 85% faster turnaround time.

Accepted by ASTM International Standard

The Maze analysis microfluidic chip technology has been accepted by ASTM International Standard D7996 as the best available procedure for measuring asphaltenes.

Reinventing the process through automation

During Maze analysis, asphaltenes are determined using the microfluidic chip, followed by identification of saturates, aromatics, and resins using a miniaturized chromatographic column. Each fraction measurement is achieved through application of optical absorbance measurement using spectrometer and refractometer technologies.

Delivering precise measurements—quicker

Automation of Maze microfluidic SARA analysis removes operator subjectivity from the measurements, improving analysis integrity and data quality. This enables a 4-hour turnaround time for Maze analysis compared with 3–5 days for conventional technology.