Illuminate Your Mexico Bid Round Decisions

Our high-quality 3D wide-azimuth (WAZ) broadband data is illuminating 60,000 km2 of deepwater Mexico unlike ever before—showing minibasin and subsalt structures, including three- and four-way closures.

Ready months ahead of the December bid round, subsurface data evaluation cubes are now available. Schedule a showing today to preview the latest data and discover the exploration potential of this new frontier.

Explore a new frontier

The highly prospective and complex deepwater subsurface geology of Campeche, Mexico represents a unique global opportunity.

Uncover minibasin and subsalt structures

For the first time ever, our Campeche 3D wide-azimuth project will enable you to see subsalt formations, including three- and four-way closures.

Identify exploration opportunities

Broadband prestack time migration—like this example over Kunah discovery—will be the differentiating technology needed to effectively select the right block for the upcoming bid rounds.