North Sea abandonment campaigns face stringent requirements that challenge even the most experienced operators.  Whether for one well or a field of complex wells, Schlumberger delivers a fully managed service for well abandonment campaigns at any scale, with technical offerings designed to keep risks—and costs—under control.

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Integrated end-to-end well abandonment solutions

“When your asset is no longer economical to produce, you need strategies to manage costs and risks. Integrating services under an experienced and dedicated project manager eliminates delays and duplication while ensuring that every step is completed and properly documented to demonstrate compliance.”
Donald Mackay
Business Development Manager, Integrated Well Abandonment, Schlumberger

Find out how integration controlled costs and risks for other operators

Case Study: Integrated P&A BHA Expands Window Length and Milling Speed Capabilities, North Sea

ProMILL trip-saving milling and underreaming system helps save operator 7.5 rig days and USD 1 million as part of an ongoing abandonment operation

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Case Study: Integrated P&A BHA Helps Set Bridge Plug and Mill and Underream 150-ft Window in a Single Run

Efficient performance saves operator 3.5 drilling days and USD 600,000 in decommissioning operation in the UK sector of the North Sea

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Learn how integration can manage your costs and risks

Schlumberger offers a full scope of abandonment services—from engineering and well abandonment design to complete program execution.

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