Gain Competitive Advantage During the 29th Frontier Licensing Round

Make the best-informed decisions during the UK Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) 29th licensing round in the Mid-North Sea High and Rockall Trough areas using our extensive suite of multiclient data and sophisticated reprocessing, inversion, and asset transaction advisory services. These advanced solutions complement the publicly available OGA data by providing additional insight into specific geologic and geophysical challenges of the area.

Our multiclient data library encompasses an additional 114,000 km of 3D surveys, legacy 2D data, and reprocessed data, adding to the 40,000 km of data offered by OGA. Our data gives you the most complete view of the area, enabling you to make better-informed decisions during the upcoming licensing round.

Mid-North Sea High Multiclient Data

Depth Domain Inversion Services image, after.Depth Domain Inversion Services image, before.

The Mid-North Sea High area has significant potential. New broadband seismic imaging and advanced processing technology will help manage risk when exploring this deepwater Devonian and Carboniferous section, linking offshore to onshore seismic data. Our extensive multiclient data library provides further insight into the area’s complex subsurface, delivering an additional 84,000 km of data to supplement the 21,000 km of data provided by OGA, which is available to the public.

Rockall Trough Multiclient Data

Depth Domain Inversion Services image, before.Depth Domain Inversion Services image, after.

The Rockall Trough area, located in the Outer Hebrides, is relatively underexplored with only 12 exploration wells since 1980. Today, reprocessed data is showing exploration potential along the basin margin with likelihood of shallower Jurassic source rocks, tilted fault blocks with Cretaceous shales, seal with dipping Mesozoic reservoir rocks, and areas with significant Paleocene and Eocene burial. Our seismic data library of this area provides 125% more data than the OGA public offering, providing the subsurface illumination needed to better evaluate the exploration potential of this area.

Reprocessing, Inversion, and Asset Transaction Advisory Services

Depth Domain Inversion Services image, after.Depth Domain Inversion Services image, before.

Our advanced reprocessing and inversion services resolve overburden complexity and provide more information on the deep structural geology. In addition, our Asset Transaction Advisory Services team can perform studies relating to geology, geophysics, geomechanics, and petroleum systems modeling to confirm prospective resource potential and to reduce risk at both basin and prospect levels.

See the OGA 2015 Survey in the Petrel Platform

Multiple data packages covering different areas, data types, and options are available in the Petrel E&P software platform online through the BluCube E&P application infrastructure solution.