Technology Spotlight: ProMILL Trip-Saving Milling and Underreaming System

Keep it simple. With the ProMILL, ProCISE, and ProLATCH systems, you can experience significant cost savings during milling, cutting, and retrieving operations. Cut required trips by half and reduce the number of days required for P&A operations.

Success Stories from the Field

Case Study: Unique Single-Trip Cut, Circulate, and Pull Service Saves Two Trips on Deepwater GOM Slot Recovery

Plug and abandonment service frees and recovers casing in one trip

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Case Study: Integrated P&A BHA Expands Window Length and Milling Speed Capabilities, North Sea

ProMILL trip-saving milling and underreaming system helps save operator 7.5 rig days and USD 1 million as part of an ongoing abandonment operation

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Abandon your well with confidence using comprehensive single-trip plug and abandonment solutions.