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Protection and control for electric submersible pumps and horizontal pumping systems

Maximize production with protection and control

Protect and control electric submersible pumps (ESPs) and horizontal pumping systems (HPS) with variable speed drives (VSDs) and fixed speed drives that also prolong system life, reduce operating costs, minimize downtime, and ultimately maximize production.

Simplify system protection in fixed-speed applications

Our fixed speed drives are simple, compact units for fixed-speed applications and provide consistent electrical system power and protection for downhole ESP systems. They are designed to protect ESP systems in case of major surface or downhole electrical system failure—reducing maintenance costs and increasing well and pump performance.

ESP Drives
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6-pulse LVDs distort the electric current 25%, depending on power system impedance.
12-pulse LVDs distort the electric current 11%.
18-pulse LVD distorts the electric current 5%, depending on power system impedance.
MVDs distort the electric current under 5%.

Minimize downtime with VSDs designed for your application

We offer a portfolio of VSDs tailored to your unique requirements. They are designed to provide reliable power, protection, and tighter motor control of both ESP and HPS installations by varying the speed of the motor while minimizing costly downtime—decreasing potential energy fines and levies, reducing workovers and replacements, and prolonging pump run life.

VSD options include low-voltage drives (LVDs) and medium-voltage drives (MVDs) with harmonic control suited for your application. By combining the right VSD with expert electrical and pump system design, field operation, and monitoring throughout the life cycle of the well, our services can enhance ESP and HPS performance.

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