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REDA Hotline

High-temperature electric submersible pump systems

80 years
Recognized leader in ESP systems
800 units
Installed in over 260 active wells
4.5 years
Record run life
REDA Hotline Plus system: fluid temperature gauge rating of 425 degF [218 degC ], motor insulation rating of 550 degF [288 degC]
REDA Hotline XTend system: fluid temperature gauge rating of 482 degF [250 degC ], motor insulation rating of 572 degF [300 degC]

Extend life time in extreme environments

REDA Hotline electric submersible pump (ESP) systems perform reliably in high-temperature reservoirs, during thermal recovery of heavy oil, and in applications where poor motor cooling is expected. Preconfigured for immediate deployment at the wellsite, these systems are designed to cope with the wide variation between the cool surface and hot downhole operating temperatures.

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Optimize well performance as conditions change

During thermal recovery operations, optional integrated pressure and temperature (PT) gauges near the pump intake help you produce at the optimal subcool temperature, reduce the steam/oil ratio, identify steam breakthrough, and improve overall pump efficiency. In horizontal wells, bottom-feeder gas separators enable steam to bypass the pump on the high side of the casing, extending run life.

Increase drawdown and reservoir recovery

Hotline systems can be installed with AGH advanced gas-handling devices for GORs up to 90%, enabling a higher drawdown, improving recovery ratio, and increasing production.

Reda Hotline ESP System
REDA Hotline ESP System

Produce early for greater asset value

Hotline systems enable early completion after steam pumping or steaming while the ESP is operating. Accelerated production decreases cost and improves cash flow.

Monitor performance to maximize uptime

The motor’s internal temperature can be monitored to assess downhole pressure, temperature, and vibration to improve well performance and maintain system integrity.

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High-temperature ESP system
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