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Low-flow-rate mixed-flow pump for REDA ESP systems

reduction in installation time
reduction in abrasive wear
Production rates from 300 to 1,650 bbl/d
Tungsten carbide and silicon carbide radial bearings
Casing sizes for 5.5 in or larger
Up to 240-hp shaft rating
3.87- or 4.00-in outside diameter (OD)

Reduce power consumption and number of required stages

Significantly increase pump life in abrasive environments—specifically sand-producing wells—with the D1050N low-flow-rate mixed-flow pump, a component of REDA electric submersible pump (ESP) systems.

Wider vane openings and smoother flow patterns provide better hydraulic efficiency and gas- and abrasives-handling capabilities compared with radial-flow stages. As a result of extensive performance optimization using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), the pump delivers higher head per stage and greater hydraulic efficiency than any other mixed-flow pump at these production rates, reducing the power consumption and the number of stages required.

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Increase reliability and extend pump life

Factory-shimmed high-strength shafts increase the pump's reliability. Factory shimming allows the shafts to be set precisely at the factory and combined with the REDA Maximus ESP motors and protectors.

The D1050N pump features a front-seal design to minimize sand trapping and reduce abrasive wear—the primary cause of increased internal recirculation and loss of hydraulic performance—to extend the pump life. 

d1050n Low-Flow Rate Mixed Flow Pump
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