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D1700N ESP Pump

High-efficiency mixed-flow design

Casing sizes for 5.5 in and larger
Production rates from 600 to 3,650 bbl/d at 60 Hz

Engineered to improve reliability

Proprietary fluid modeling software and stage redesign have been used to create the industry’s most advanced mixed-flow ESP stage. The D1700N engineering improvements manage downthust and improve radial stability while handling a wide range of flow rates for 400 Series REDA ESP pumps with an increased efficiency across the entire envelope.

Improve reliability with a stronger shaft, improved downthrust management, and abrasion-resistant stage designs

The D1700N pump offers a step change for customers in the industry’s most common ESP operating profile with improvements to system reliability, production flexibility, and operating expenditure that have remained unchanged for 40 years.

Designed to further improve on the unparalleled DN1750 performance and track record, this new pump is an enhanced-compression construction and factory shimmed. A high-strength shaft, improved downthrust handling, and REDA Gard submersible pump stage design for abrasives handling increase the reliability of the ESP.

D1700N flow pump curve chart
D1700N flow pump curve chart
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