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S4000 ESP Pump

Advanced mixed-flow design

Oil wells with 7-in or larger casing and target production of less than 6,000 bbl/d
Motors optimized for use in cool (200-degF) or medium (250-degF) temperature well environments
Standard intakes or rotary gas separators with tungsten carbide radial bearings
Modular protector designs with labyrinth and positive seal chambers for motor protection

Enhance pump efficiency and reduce operating costs

Handle lower flow rates and increase the hydraulic head developed per stage with the S4000 electric submersible pump (ESP) pump—the industry’s most advanced mixed-flow ESP pump. Using proprietary fluid modeling software and optimization processes, the S4000 pump can handle the lowest flow rate among mixed-flow stages for the 500 Series REDA ESP systems.

The S4000 pump handles more sand and gas than previously possible—increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs. It is the ideal solution for conventional, gassy, abrasive, and high-temperature environments.

REDA ESP Systems Technology Catalog
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Abrasion resistance
Tungsten carbide radial bearing configuration
Maximum flexibility
Wide operating range
Reliable design
Enhanced compression design for reliability

Design features for improved reliability

Compression construction and factory-shimmed, high-strength shafts increase the applicability and reliability of the ESP. In a compression-designed REDA ESP system, the axial thrust developed by the pumps is fully transferred to the high-load-capacity protector thrust bearing to maintain reliability. Additionally, the impellers are ideally positioned relative to the diffuser, eliminating downthrust wear, which is common in floater pumps operating below the minimum operating limits. With innovative vane profiles, the S4000 pump outperforms other pumps in gas handling ability and abrasion resistance, helping you extend run life and lower costs.

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