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Phoenix xt150

High-temperature ESP monitoring system

Maximum environmental pressure of 6,500 psi [44,816 kPa]
Gauge intake and discharge pressure up to 5,800 psi [39,000 kPa]
Gauge intake temperature up to 302 degF [150 degC]
Gauge vibration range of 0–30 g

Improve ESP run life and system integrity

The Phoenix xt150 high-temperature downhole monitoring system for electric submersible pumps (ESPs) monitors downhole pressure, temperature, current leakage, and vibration, providing comprehensive data needed to protect ESP system integrity in high-temperature and harsh environments.

Collect and transmit data

This system incorporates state-of-the-art, high-temperature microelectronics and reliable digital telemetry and communicates with the surface through the ESP motor cable. The electrical system has a tolerance for high phase imbalance and can handle voltage spikes.

Full compatibility with other monitoring and control technologies
Programmable trip and alarm relays for all parameters monitored
Data logger with memory for storing historical data
Integrated Technologies Produce Gas from Methane Hydrates for 24 Days
REDA Maximus ESP system uses multiple gauges, including the WellWatcher Quartz Extend AC- or DC-powered high-resolution dual-sensor PT gauges and the Phoenix xt150 high-temperature ESP monitoring system gauges, to produce continuous methane gas.
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Configure options

Phoenix xt150 system gauges are available in two configurations. Both measure intake pressure and temperature, motor oil or motor winding temperature, vibration, and current leakage. One also measures pump discharge pressure, which is used in evaluating pump performance.

Monitor and control

Either the UniConn universal site controller or the Instruct all-in-one acquisition and control unit can be connected to the Phoenix xt150 system to provide remote access and control from a single platform. The data can be further integrated with the Lift IQ production life cycle management service for 'round-the-clock surveillance of all monitored parameters via satellite.

The system is compatible with SCADA systems and has a Modbus protocol terminal with RS232 and RS485 ports for continuous data output.

Phoenix XT 150 Gauge
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