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Bolt-On Single and Tandem Motors

For the REDA Maximus ESP system

Casing OD from 3.75 to 5.62 in [95.25 to 42.7 mm]
Wide power range from 14.3 to 1,126 hp at 60 Hz
Max. winding temperature of 400 degF [204 degC]
Shipping and storage temperature of –40 to 176 degF [–40 to 80 degC]

Improve reliability with robust rotor bearings

Motors for the REDA Maximus electric submersible pump (ESP) system combine the strength and reliability of the proven REDA ESP system motor technology with an innovative plug-and-play concept. These motors are a hand-wound, two-pole, three-phase, squirrel-cage induction type. Heat generated by the motors is transferred to the well fluid flowing past the motor housing, and the motor thrust bearing carries the load of the rotors.

Away from the potentially adverse conditions of the wellsite, oil filling is performed in a controlled manufacturing plant or service center, and the motors are vacuum filled with highly refined mineral oil to provide dielectric strength, lubrication for bearing, and thermal conductivity. Once at the wellsite, these motors are installed quickly and easily with the Maximus ESP system—allowing early release of workover crews and earlier oil production. 

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Factory-filled motors for the Maximus ESP system incorporate MaxJoint technology sealed with a special compensating shipping cap to maintain the contamination-free oil during transportation and storage.
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