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Motors for REDA Hotline

High-temperature electric submersible pump systems

Motor OD of 5.62 in [142.75 mm]
Max. power of 267 hp at 50 Hz or 321 hp at 60 Hz
Max. winding temperature of 550 degF [288 degC]
Nonelastomeric seal at pothead

Extend ESP run life in severe applications

Designed for extreme conditions, the motors for the REDA Hotline high-temperature electric submersible pump (ESP) system operate reliably in extremely high temperatures found during steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) and other steamflooding applications.

The motors have a three-phase squirrel cage and two-pole induction design similar to other standard ESP motors. Unlike conventional motors, Hotline system motors are designed to handle the wide temperature variations that result with cool surface temperatures and extremely hot downhole operating temperatures.

Copper fill
Copper fill in stator windings and high-temperature insulation system.
Motor pothead
Pothead designed to withstand motor shock
Oil reservoir
Large oil reservoir in the base for extra cooling
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