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Permanent Magnet Motor

Energy efficient solution for ESP applications

Standard casing OD of 4.61 in [117 mm]
Max. power of 267 hp at 50 Hz or 320 hp at 60 Hz
Max. winding temperature of 374 degF [190 degC] and 428 degF [220 degC] for high temperature
Expanded operating range of 1,000-4,200 rpm
Wells with casing diameters of 5.5 in or larger

Reduce power costs with energy-efficient motor

Save money on power and consumption with the permanent magnet motor (PMM), which is more energy efficient than a conventional AC inductive motor. With a higher power concentration per meter of length, it is shorter and lighter than conventional electric submersible pump (ESP) motors while still delivering the same level of power.

In rapidly changing environments, higher torque capabilities stabilize your ESP operations through varying solids or water production. When operating in underloaded conditions, the PMM’s wide operating range improves efficiency, which translates directly to savings on power consumption.

Improve ESP performance

The wide load and frequency range of the PMM makes it ideal for your low-flow and deviated wells, improving performance compared with an inductive motor. It reduces losses in the core through synchronous operation, which reduces heating and helps expand the operating envelope to accommodate all the variations your well may deliver.

Suited for ESP systems across most applications and conditions
Enhanced protection mechanisms
Improved performance in low-flow and deviated wells
Permanent Magnet Motor
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