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REDA ESP System Cables

High-integrity power cables designed to maximize ESP system run life

Ensure consistent delivery of electrical power to downhole equipment

Maximize overall electric submersible pump (ESP) system run life with cables that incorporate the most advanced materials, developed through decades of research and continuous testing. Power cables for REDA ESP systems are designed and manufactured to deliver consistent power to downhole equipment in

  • land and offshore wells with installed ESP systems
  • gas, oil, or condensate producers
  • high-temperature, gassy, and corrosive wells
  • deepwater wells with high-horsepower ESP systems.

While a basic configuration of the main components is suitable for most well conditions, each standard cable can be customized to suit the specific requirements of a given well, including temperature and pressure ratings, corrosive properties, and gas/oil ratios.

Various grades of armor ranging from standard galvanized steel to MONEL alloys are available for protection against corrosive environments. All these ESP cables feature fully annealed, high-conductivity copper and tin lead–alloy-coated conductors for additional protection against corrosion. They also include best-in-class fluid- and gas-impermeable barriers and corrosion-resistant, high-strength metallic armors.


REDA ESP System Cables

Cable Family Application Construction
Cable FamilyREDA MAX ESP power cable ApplicationLow to high temperature and gas ConstructionEE-R, ETBE-R, ETBE-F
Cable FamilyREDA Lead lead-barrier ESP power cable ApplicationHigh temperature, gassy, corrosive ConstructionELC-LPF, ELB-F, EHLTB-F, ELBE-R, XEHLTB-F
Cable FamilyREDA Subsea high-reliability corrosion-resistant ESP cable ApplicationDeepwater, subsea, high temperature, high horsepower ConstructionSESLTBE-R
Cable Family, Application, ConstructionE: Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM)     T: Tape     B: Braid     L: Lead     C: Cushion     LPF: Low-Profile Flat     HL: Heavy Lead     XE: Extreme EPDM     S: Semicon

↑ Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Simplify installation with reliable MLEs

Improve system performance with motor lead extensions (MLEs) that use polyimide as the primary insulation and PEEK for extreme high-temperature or specialty applications. The same patented materials used in Schlumberger power cables are used in the MLE designs as secondary insulations and jackets to maximize system reliability.

  • MaxLok ESP quick-plug MLE—Eliminates the taping process of the pothead to the motor at the wellsite, considerably reducing the assembly time.
  • REDA Hotline XTend extended-capability high-temperature ESP system MLE—Features a wide temperature rating of –40 to 550 degF [–40 to 288 degC] and a completely sealed motor plug-in connection. It is ideal for high temperatures and corrosive environments of thermal recovery, such as steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD).
  • Trident extreme-conditions MLE—Uses PEEK-insulated copper conductor leads that plug in directly to the motor through individual connectors to minimize mechanical impact.

Motor Lead Extension Specifications

Type Maximum Temperature Pothead/Motor Compatibility Insulation Barrier Applications
TypeKEOTB Maximum Temperature121 degC [250 degF] Pothead/Motor CompatibilityLegacy tape-in, legacy plug-in, MaxLok plug-in InsulationPolyimide/EPDM BarrierFluoropolymer tape and nitrile ApplicationsLow temperature, low gas, potable water
TypeKELTBLP Maximum Temperature149 degC [300 degF] Pothead/Motor CompatibilityLegacy tape-in, legacy plug-in InsulationPolyimide/EPDM BarrierLead and fluoropolymer tape ApplicationsModerate temperature, moderate gas, reduced clearance
TypeKELB Maximum Temperature149 degC [300 degF] 204 degC [400 degF] Pothead/Motor CompatibilityLegacy tape-in, legacy plug-in, MaxLok plug-in InsulationPolyimide/EPDM BarrierLead ApplicationsModerate to high temperature, high gas
TypePEEKLB Maximum Temperature232 degC [450 degF] Pothead/Motor CompatibilityTrident InsulationPEEK BarrierLead ApplicationsHigh temperature, high H2S, high hp, extreme reliability
TypePEEKLB Maximum Temperature260 degC [500 degF] Pothead/Motor CompatibilityHotline 550 InsulationPEEK BarrierLead ApplicationsVery high temperature, SAGD, steam flooding
TypeXHLTB Maximum Temperature288 degC [550 degF] Pothead/Motor CompatibilityHotline XTend InsulationHigh-temp. polyimide BarrierHeavy lead and fluoropolymer ApplicationsExtremely high temperature, SAGD, steam flooding
Type, Maximum Temperature, Pothead/Motor Compatibility, Insulation, Barrier, ApplicationsE: Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM)     T: Tape     B: Braid     L: Lead     LP: Low Profile     HL: Heavy Lead     XHL: Extreme Heavy Lead     O: Nitrile

Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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