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Fixed speed drives

Voltage rating: 480–5,000 V (depending on model)
CSA-type 3R enclosure
Operating temperatures: –40 to 122 degF [–40 to 50 degC]
Multitap control power transformer

Protect your ESP system from surface or downhole failure

The modular FixStar fixed speed drives provide electrical system protection for downhole electrical submersible pump (ESP) systems in a fixed-speed application. They also provide an effective platform for analyzing well and pump performance in real time.

FixStar drives incorporate a combination of a fused main disconnect switch (or circuit breaker) with a vacuum (or air-break) contactor that connects ESP systems to the surface power supply. This provides maximum protection for the ESP system in case of major surface or downhole electrical system faults. Built-in lightning arresters protect the downhole pump system from spikes in the supply system caused by lightning strikes.

FixStar fixed speed drive is now part of Sensia.
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Monitor for complete control

The UniConn universal site controller is located in a separate low-voltage compartment that houses the drive components. The UniConn controller provides extensive electrical system monitoring and protection against both surface and downhole electrical faults. The current transformer in the UniConn controller, together with its burden module, provides true rms three-phase current monitoring. Three instrument-potential transformers provide directly measured three-phase voltages. The optional A095 backspin shunt provides backspin and leg ground protection.

FixStar VSD
3,900-V FixStar drive low-voltage compartment equipped with UniConn controller.
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