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PCP Systems

Efficiently handle high-viscosity fluid and high sand cut

Fluid rates up to 2,830 bbl/d [450 m3/d]
High-temperature rating up to 660 degF [350 degC]
Adjustable rpm to match reservoir inflow rates

Efficiently handle solids and high-viscosity fluids

KUDU PCPs efficiently handle solids and high-viscosity fluids with superior engineering that delivers a consistent head capacity.

The KUDU PCP delivers a constant flow, proportional to the size of the cavity and the rotational speed of the rotor. A hydraulic or electric drive system at the surface rotates the rod string, which causes the rotor to spin within the fixed stator, resulting in fluid production at the surface.

Match your well conditions with the best-suited PCP solution

Maximize production while leaving a minimal footprint with progressing cavity pump (PCP) systems. The KUDU PCP is a positive displacement pump with a range of models, elastomers, and rotor options to meet your specific application. These PCPs are designed to deliver a consistent head capacity with superior handling of solids and high-viscosity fluids.

Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) Systems
Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) Systems

KUDU Elastomers

KUDU’s elastomers provide significant improvements in bond strength, tear strength, abrasion resistance, gas and water resistance, and temperature ratings. This has expanded the use of PCPs in a variety of environments. Elastomers are primarily made up of nitrile, a copolymer of butadiene, and acrylonitrile. In addition, KUDU offers a fluorocarbon elastomer for greater resistance to aromatics and H2S. 

 KUDU Elastomer Relative Specifications
Elastomer KUDU Reference Hardness, Shore A Max. Temperature, degF [degC] Sand Resistance H2S Resistance CO2 Resistance Aromatics Hydrolosis Explosive Decompression
Elastomer High-nitrile soft KUDU Reference HNS Hardness, Shore A 55 Max. Temperature, degF [degC] 176 [80] Sand Resistance 8 H2S Resistance 6 CO2 Resistance 5 Aromatics 3 Hydrolosis 7 Explosive Decompression 6
Elastomer High-nitrile hard KUDU Reference HNH Hardness, Shore A 68 Max. Temperature, degF [degC] 248 [120] Sand Resistance 6 H2S Resistance 7 CO2 Resistance 7 Aromatics 7 Hydrolosis 5 Explosive Decompression 8
Elastomer Hydrogenated high-nitrile soft KUDU Reference HHNH Hardness, Shore A 80 Max. Temperature, degF [degC] 284 [140] Sand Resistance 5 H2S Resistance 7 CO2 Resistance 8 Aromatics 8 Hydrolosis 8 Explosive Decompression 8
Elastomer Fluorocarbon hard KUDU Reference FKMH Hardness, Shore A 78 Max. Temperature, degF [degC] 194 [90] Sand Resistance 2 H2S Resistance 8 CO2 Resistance 6 Aromatics 9 Hydrolosis 9 Explosive Decompression 5

KUDU Rotors

The KUDU PCP features a single helical rotor that rotates inside a double internal helical elastomer-lined stator. The stator is run into the well on the end of the production tubing while the rotor is connected to a rodstring. The PCP lifts fluid by transferring it from the intake at the bottom of the pump to the discharge at the top through a sequence of small, discrete cavities that form as the rotor turns eccentrically within the stator.

The PCP delivers a constant flow, proportional to the size of the cavity and the rotational speed of the rotor. A hydraulic or electric drive system at the surface rotates the rodstring, which causes the rotor to spin within the fixed stator, resulting in fluid production at the surface.

KUDU rotor options
KUDU rotor options

Specialized Products

Increase efficiency and maximize uptime using specialized products to extend the operating range

  • KUDU Tough Coat
    KUDU Tough Coat
    Corrosion- and abrasion-resistant rotor coating

    Apply an advanced spray metal coating to increase rotor life and reduce operating expenses. View link button arrow

  • EVEN WALL Uniform Elastomer
    Uniform-elastomer PCP

    Improve temperature distribution and mitigate swelling for high-temperature PCP wells and light-oil applications. View link button arrow

  • KUDU electric submersible progressive cavity pump with permanent magnet motor (ESPCP PMM): product sheet
    Electric submersible PCP with permanent magnet motor

    Eliminate rod failure and significantly increase uptime, efficiency, and safety with a rodless PCP system. View link button arrow

  • Schematic of KUDU Equalizer PCP in a horizontal well.
    KUDU Equalizer Progressive Cavity Pump
    Positive displacement pump for wells with high gas/liquid ratio or high-viscosity fluids

    Increases run life by improving pressure and temperature distribution across the pump. View link button arrow


Extend the run life of PCP system with accessories designed for abrasive, corrosive, and highly viscous conditions.

  • KUDU Cam-Loc
    KUDU Cam-Loc
    PCP anchor

    Increase the flow area and prevent sand bridging around the PCP with less wear on slips, drag blocks, and casing ID. View link button arrow

  • KUDU Sucker Rod Centralizer
    KUDU Sucker Rod Centralizer
    Nonrotating sleeve design

    Eliminate rotational rubbing and rod coupling wear with a design that is tapered for rod tripping. View link button arrow

  • KUDU Top Tag
    KUDU Top Tag
    Accurate rotor placement device

    Place the rotor inside the stator without using a tag sub with this patented solution for PCPs. View link button arrow

  • 3D rendering of the Type A KUDU insert system that expedites PCP replacement.
    KUDU Insert System

    Enables PCP removal and replacement without pulling the tubing. View link button arrow