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Efficiently handle high-viscosity fluid and high sand cut

Match your well conditions with the best-suited PCP solution

Maximize production while leaving a minimal footprint with progressing cavity pump (PCP) systems. The KUDU PCP is a positive displacement pump with a range of models, elastomers, and rotor options to meet your specific application. These PCPs are designed to deliver a consistent head capacity with superior handling of solids and high-viscosity fluids.

From the KUDU all-metal abrasion-resistant PCP designed for high-temperature applications and enhanced oil recovery methods to the KUDU Rodless PCP submersible electrical motor and PCP system that eliminates the rodstring, our PCP solutions perform over a wide range of production rates, reduce wellsite maintenance costs, and simplify installation.

Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) Systems
Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) Systems
Progressing Cavity Pump

Efficiently handle solids and high-viscosity fluids

KUDU PCPs efficiently handle solids and high-viscosity fluids with superior engineering that delivers a consistent head capacity.

The KUDU PCP features a single helical rotor that rotates inside a double internal helical elastomer-lined stator. The stator is run into the well on the end of the production tubing while the rotor is connected to a rodstring. The PCP lifts fluid by transferring it from the intake at the bottom of the pump to the discharge at the top through a sequence of small, discrete cavities that form as the rotor turns eccentrically within the stator.

The PCP delivers a constant flow, proportional to the size of the cavity and the rotational speed of the rotor. A hydraulic or electric drive system at the surface rotates the rodstring, which causes the rotor to spin within the fixed stator, resulting in fluid production at the surface.

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