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Don-Nan Carbide Insert Valve Rod Guide

Wear-resistant rod guide

A critical component of pump performance and efficiency, the valve rod connects the sucker rodstring and the plunger, which pulls the fluid out of the pump and to the surface. Whereas a standard valve rod guide incurs wear caused by rod buckling and well deviation, our carbide insert valve rod guide protects the valve rod by stabilizing it during the pump stroke. The carbide insert valve rod guide has an ID that is appropriately sized for the valve rod, minimizing wear on the valve rod guide and the valve rod. The carbide insert valve rod guide is especially helpful when sinker bars are used to assist the traveling assembly down through compression, because the carbide insert minimizes the wear caused by the additional weight of the sinker bars on the valve rod guide.

Designed for flexibility and cost savings

A standard rod guide is manufactured in one piece and is therefore limited to a single metallurgy. The carbide insert rod guide features a three-piece design composed of the clutch, carbide insert, and body. This design allows you to replace individual components instead of the entire rod guide.

The three-piece design also lets you choose from multiple metallurgies to better accommodate downhole conditions and increase run life.


  • Minimizes wear on valve rod guide
  • Increases pump run life


  • Three-piece assembly Nitronic 50 clutch available
  • Several metallurgy options
  • Fluted or vertical discharge configurations
Carbide Insert Rod Pump
The carbide insert rod guide comprises a clutch, carbide insert, and body (left). An example of a carbide insert VRG on a pump (right).
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