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Don-Nan THB API Tubing Pumps

THBC and THBM standard sucker rod pumps

Produce more fluid in shallow wells

THB API tubing pumps are heavy-walled, stationary barrel, bottom hold-down pumps recognized by API as a standard design. They are often used in shallow wells that produce more fluid than an insert rod pump can accommodate. Unlike insert pumps, the working barrel of these pumps is a section of the tubing string, which enables them to displace more fluid than insert pumps.

The hold-down is an independent piece that is typically inserted in the assembly prior to field delivery. The traveling assembly is installed on the end of the sucker rod string. Tubing pumps include a mechanism on the bottom end of the traveling assembly to retrieve the hold-down assembly should the valve require repair.

Seating options on this pump include cup types suitable for high temperatures and mechanical types for simplified well maintenance. A mechanical hold-down does not require repair unless major damage has occurred, and cups should be replaced every time the pump is unset. Both hold-down types follow the same procedure of setting and unsetting by placing the weight of the sucker rods down on the pump or by lifting up.

THB API Insert Pump
Stationary assembly: A=Coupling, tubing 8 round; B=Nipple, upper extension tubing pump; C=Coupling, barrel; D=Barrel, heavy wall; E=Nipple, lower extension tubing pump; F=Nipple, seating (2-cup) | Traveling Assembly: G=Cage, top open; H=Plunger; I=Cage, closed plunger; J=Valve, ball and seat; K=Puller, standing valve (pin end) | Seating Assembly: L=Cage, open standing valve; M=Valve, ball and seat; N=API, 2-cup.
Don-Nan THB API Insert Pumps
High-fluid-production and shallow- to moderate-depth wells
Largest-bore rod pump that accommodates higher fluid volumes than insert pumps
Heavy-walled barrel, bottom hold-down, and universally accepted design

Address common problems such as rodstring wear and damage caused by gas interference, erosion, or insufficient fluid levels. 

Don-Nan Sand Diverter

Extend the life of your rod lift system with greater flexibility

Sand specialty products such as the sand diverter direct solids away from the pump barrel, maintain downhole pump integrity, and extend the life of the rod lift system, giving you greater flexibility during operations.

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