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On-Off Tool

Downhole rod-to-pump release

Connect or disconnect sucker rodstring at any point

The on-off tool connects to or disconnects from a sucker rodstring, at any point, based on the location of the tool in the rodstring. The tool is attached directly to the rodstring where the operator wishes to make the disconnection. The tool is then disconnected by turning the rodstring and picking up. The tool is connected by setting down weight on the bottom latch section and rotating the rodstring in the latch direction.

Eliminate stripping jobs

The on-off tool’s primary benefit is that it can virtually eliminate stripping jobs. A stripping job occurs when an operator must pull the tubing and rods simultaneously, usually as a result of inability to unseat the downhole pump. Stripping jobs add cost due to increased rig time and damaged equipment. The on-off tool enables the operator to release the rodstring from the pump, allowing retrieval of the rods and tubing separately.

On-Off Tool
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