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Conventional & Beam-Balanced Pumping Units

Reliable, efficient, and cost-effective

Provide reliable, long-term performance

Schlumberger conventional crank-balanced and beam-balanced pumping units are among the most respected and recognized brands in the rod pumping industry, offering reliable, cost-effective performance at a competitive price.

Manufactured to API standards, these units deliver high reliability and quiet operations. Schlumberger units have high-capacity saddle bearings, large self-centering drive bearings, and large lubrication reservoirs, providing reliable performance for the long term.

We have conventional geometry units in API sizes 80 to 1280 and beam-balanced units in API sizes 25 to 57 currently in stock, together with an extensive inventory of spare parts that are strategically located in major basins throughout the US and Canada.

Conventional Artificial Lift Pump

We have 14,000+ units currently pumping throughout North America, consistently meeting the expectations of producers.

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