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Hydraulic pumping unit

Automate pumping operations to maximize efficiency

The CAMLift hydraulic pumping unit brings advanced sucker rod pump technology and automation together into an easy-to-use package. 

Variable control of the motion dynamics—including up and down speed ratios and top and bottom position delays—gives the operator more control over a well's performance compared with conventional rod lift technology. The standard control package features manual and automatic speed control, and the unit can be controlled remotely from human machine interface SCADA applications. The CAMLift unit provides conventional pumping functionality, including pump fill control, adjustable up and down speed profiles, stroke length adjustments, and operational alarms and shutdowns.

The CAMLift unit features both hydraulic and sucker rod pump automation for added intelligence. The unit analyzes and optimizes power, pressure, and temperature for the hydraulic system, which adds reliability, longevity, and efficiency. With automation intelligence, you can increase pumping system performance and insight into well issues.

CAMLift Hydraulic Pumping Unit
The CAMLift unit jack is installed directly on the wellhead, reducing preparation, installation, and servicing requirements

Requiring only 10% the footprint of most beam units at the wellhead, the CAMLift unit is a lightweight, compact alternative to traditional beam pumping units.

CAMLift Hydraulic Pumping Unit

Increase system reliability in deviated wellbores

Schlumberger leveraged its extensive engineering and sealing technology to design both hollow and enclosed cylinder hydraulic jacks for the CAMLift unit. The stroke length and lift capability of the hollow cylinder jack makes it the economical and efficient choice for applications requiring moderate stroke length. The polished rod at the top of he cylinder is easily accessed to unseat and flush an insert rod pump or for simple space-out adjustments. The hollow cylinder jack also features a rod rotator, which increases system reliability in deviated wellbores.

The enclosed cylinder jack features a long stroke length, which minimizes rod stretch impact, reduces cyclic stresses, reduces rod and tubing wear, and improves gas compression ratios. The peak polished rod lift capacity enables pumping in deep highly deviated wells. Both jack are available with environmental booths to provide an additional layer of protection from stuffing box leaks and worn hydraulic cylinders.

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