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High-density divalent reservoir drill-in fluid

Protect the reservoir with low filtration rates and a thin filtercake

DIPRO high-density divalent reservoir drill-in fluid is the industry’s first biopolymer-free, brine-based reservoir drill-in fluid formulated for use in divalent brines and engineered to optimize production. DIPRO fluids initiate an interaction of components that produce a nonbiopolymer system with excellent suspension characteristics while maintaining extremely low, high-shear-rate viscosities.

DIPRO fluid utilizes optimal bridging particle distributions and formulations without the need of biopolymers for reservoir drill-in fluids (RDFs) in divalent brines ranging from 11.5 to 17.0 ppg—enabling customized formulations—with ultralow-permeability filtercakes that are easily removed.

DIPRO LD low-density divalent RDF extends the density down to 9.8 ppg in low-density divalent brines.

Laboratory worker testing fluids
Breakthrough technology
Divalent-brine base with no biopolymer
Increased efficiency
Low equivalent circulating densities (ECDs) and friction factor
Unbeatable control
Precisely controlled particle-size distribution of bridging agent
Completions compatibility
Compatibility with openhole gravel packs and stand-alone completions for producer and injector wells
Laboratory worker running fluid tests


  • Works with any openhole completion technique
  • Gets higher production rates sooner
  • Comprises cost-effective, high-density fluids
  • Has minimal formation damage
  • Has minimal fluid loss with durable filtercake
  • Reduces remediation and disposal costs
  • Achieves high performance in deepwater applications
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