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Filtercake Breakers

Removal of filtercake in openhole completions

Enhance completions and reservoir producibility with effective, efficient filtercake destruction

The MUDSOLV NG integrated filtercake removal service uniformly removes the filtercake in openhole completions through the use of innovative analytical tools, engineering solutions, and novel breakers for complete removal of the most obstinate filtercake. The service tailors the best possible openhole filtercake cleanup program for each application.

Improve efficiency by optimizing the filtercake breaker

After analyzing your reservoir, well path, reservoir drill-in fluid (RDF), and completion objectives, M-I SWACO fluids experts use BREAKER ADVISOR breaker product selection software to narrow the field of potential solutions. Using samples of the RDF and reservoir rock and fluid, our laboratory specialists formulate, test, refine, and help implement the most effective solution to meet your goal and fit your bottom line.

Filter cake breakers
Water-based breakers
Optimize drilling while maintaining the ability to remove the filtercake at the right time.
Invert-emulsion breakers
Accelerate ROP in the openhole reservoir section while maintaining the flexibility to remove the filtercake.
Internal breakers
Promote improved filtercake destruction in openhole completions, enhancing well performance.
Integrated filtercake removal service

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