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Fluid Loss Control Systems

Solids-free and solids-laden additives for controlling fluid loss during and after completion

Fluid loss control
Fluid loss control

Minimize formation damage by restricting brine invasion

Loss of completion fluids to permeable formations results in increased water saturation, scaling or emulsion generation, or fines migration, which can severely impair production. Additionally, excessive losses can compromise well control, complicate fluid management, and increase project costs. 

Our solids-laden and solids-free fluid loss control pills are engineered to control fluid invasion into the formation during and after all perforating and completion operations, providing unrestricted production without costly and challenging remedial treatments.

For wells with openhole or cased hole completions, and for new completions or workovers or interventions, we have the technology to mitigate losses and avoid formation damage. 

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Solids-free viscous and crosslinked pills
Typically used in cased hole completions to reduce losses by increasing fluid viscosity or control fluid loss by creating a polymer network to seal the formation face. Removed with acid.
Solids-laden pills
Typically used while perforating in nonsand-control completions or after a sand control completion to seal inside the screen. Peels off with the onset of production or removed chemically prior to injection.

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