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Casing brush

Clean the full ID of the casing with robust bristles

The BRISTLE BACK casing brush is a mechanical aid for cleaning wellbore casings.

The brush consists of a one-piece body, nonrotating stabilizer sleeves, and a flexible, nonrotating lantern. While the lantern provides the force to contact and clean the interior diameter of the pipe and holds the bristles, the stabilizer sleeves protect the casing from wear and damage from the body as it rotates—and also protects the bristles from needless wear.

The spring steel bristle wires are mounted in the lantern. Brass bristles are also available for chrome casings.


  • High-strength design
  • Single-piece, high-strength mandrel
  • Top- and bottom-mounted stabilizers for centralization
  • Connectionless internal design
  • Nonrotating stabilizer sleeves and lantern avoid wear or casing and bristle damage
  • Available in all common casing sizes


  • Reduces NPT
  • Ensures surfaces are free of debris before running completion equipment
  • Cleans the entire 360° of pipe in any deviation
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