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Polishing tool

Aggressive debris remove from the marine riser or outer production riser ID

With three ruggedized stainless-steel brush rings and a large mandrel ID, the PUP RISER BRUSH polishing tool effectively removes debris from the marine riser or outer production riser ID while minimizing pressure drops above and below the tool.

Simplify actuation to streamline operations

The PUP RISER BRUSH tool is run in hole as part of the cleanup string; alternatively, it can be short tripped before or after cleanup. Weight is applied at surface to push the tool through the restricted wellhead ID. With the tool in the riser, the brushes clean the riser ID as the string is run in and retrieved from the hole.

The tool can be run in any string where the riser is to be cleaned and is typically run above a circulating tool, such as the SINGLE-ACTION BYPASS SUB or DUAL-ACTION BYPASS SUB circulating valves.

Pup Riser Brush Polishing Tool
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