RAZOR BACK Casing Cleaning Tool | Schlumberger


Casing cleaning tool

Scrape the casing to remove cement sheath, burrs, and pipe scale—but minimize casing wear

The RAZOR BACK casing cleaning tool is run as an integral part of the drillstring to scrape the casing as the pipe is run in hole.


  • Nonrotating, 360°-coverage, self-centralizing, metal-bladed lantern
  • Right-hand spiral stabilizer sleeves with flutes for fluid and debris bypass
  • Availability in all common casing and liner sizes
  • Drillpipe box-up/pin-down connections


  • Removes cement sheath, burrs, and pipe scale
  • Eliminates risk of casing wear and damage from stabilizers or blades during rotation
  • Enhances chemical cleaning action
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