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Drillstring magnet

Protect the wellbore and drilling BHA from debris and fines traveling through the drillstring.

The MAGNOSHIELD drillstring magnet is a through-bore ferrous debris and fines collection and retention tool. A standalone device, the MAGNOSHIELD magnet protects the wellbore and drilling BHA from damage-causing and performance-limiting debris and fines traveling through the drillstring.

Shielding the RSS, MWD, and LWD tools against ferrous debris and fines ingress is achieved by incorporating the MAGNOSHIELD magnet with any drilling BHA. Anywhere ferrous debris and fines can cause damage, the MAGNOSHIELD magnet can deliver positive benefits, including in a completion fluids environment.

Designed with a single-piece collar carrying a magnetic magazine, the MAGNOSHIELD magnet is complete with a contingency central bypass that facilitates wireline chemical source recovery in a single trip. The central bypass has also been engineered to give overpressurized protection should the MAGNOSHIELD magnet become overloaded with debris and fines.

MAGNOSHIELD Drillstring magnet

Shield your BHA by intercepting, retaining, and removing ferrous debris.

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