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Efficient, low-risk sandstone stimulation solution

A breakthrough in sandstone acidizing

The innovative OneSTEP EF efficient, low-risk sandstone stimulation solution is suitable for use in conventional injectors and producer sandstone reservoirs with varying mineralogy complexities. It reduces risk of precipitates forming by eliminating the challenges usually faced from poor and uneven flow in heterogenous reservoirs.

By combining multiple conventional stages in one optimized stage, OneSTEP EF solution enables reducing total fluid volume by more than 40%. This translates to lower pump times and increased operating efficiency and safety. Flowback efficiency is improved particularly in gas wells where minimizing injected fluid promotes better production performance. Compared with chelants, this technology will also provide improved cost efficiency and performance in low-temperature applications.

OneSTEP EF efficient, low-risk sandstone stimulation solution recognized as a World Oil finalist for the Best Oilfield Fluids and Chemicals Award
OneSTEP EF solution was recognized as a finalist for the 2022 World Oil Best Oilfield Fluids and Chemicals Award.
Single-Stage Sandstone Acidizing Fluid Demonstration
Watch what happens when 20,000-ppm calcium chloride solution is added to organic mud acid vs. OneSTEP EF solution.

Single-stage sandstone acidizing fluid demonstration

In this video demonstration, 20,000-ppm calcium chloride solution is added to both organic mud acid (OMA) and OneSTEP EF solution. This is as a proxy to show the effect of residual calcium ions commonly in the matrix during an acidizing job. OneSTEP EF solution enables single-stage acidizing, combining multiple conventional stages into one. It offers a lower risk of emulsion, sludge, and damaging precipitations often caused by conventional acidizing methods such as OMA.

Reduced risk

Lower corrosion, low precipitation damage, and low fluid incompatibility risks while increasing production

Full reservoir coverage

More uniform stimulation across long zones with full reservoir coverage

Improved sustainability and HSE

Lower emissions from reduced handling, operational time, and volume required

Improved HSE from reduced disposal volumes and personnel exposure

More efficient operations

Reduced mixing time and flexibility to bullhead or pump through coiled tubing

Higher ROI, lower cost per additional bbl produced, and low-capex requirements for intervention

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