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Automated Valve Greasing System

Eliminate red zone activities and reduce greasing time with optimized remote frac valve maintenance

Reduced grease consumption
Reduced personnel in red zone
Critical path valve greasing
Pressure rating: 20,000 psi [137.8 MPa]
Temperature rating: –10 to 140 degF [–23 to 60 degC]
Class 1 Div. 1 hazardous area classification
40 grease outlets per injection unit and 20 outlets per tree

Reduce maintenance time by 25% with remotely controlled frac valve maintenance

The automated valve greasing system improves valve maintenance activities on hydraulic fracturing sites to reduce risk and costs, save time, and optimize grease consumption. The system’s remote operating capability eliminates the need for personnel to enter the red zone for valve maintenance and accelerates the process. Eliminating transition time and greasing during the critical path means operators save money and achieve first production sooner, with fewer people on location.

The automated valve greasing system comprises a remote-control skid that houses a human machine interface outside the red zone and a grease injection unit that is placed in the red zone and houses a control rack, an air compressor, air manifold, air hoses, and grease tote. Greasing hoses are affixed to each valve during rig-up and remain in place until rig-down.

Deliver precise grease volume for each frac valve

During hydraulic fracturing operations, the valves on the frac tree and manifold need regular maintenance (grease injection) to ensure proper working conditions. To perform the greasing using the automated valve greasing system, a technician uses the intuitive remote-control panel to select each valve that needs greasing. The system uses a high-pressure grease pump to push grease to the control rack, which directs the optimal volume of grease—determined using advanced analytics and instrumentation—to the selected valve.

Because no personnel enter the red zone, normal fracturing operations can continue on other wells, improving wellsite efficiency as compared with conventional manual greasing.

Render of the automated valve greasing system with the grease injection unit and the remote control panel skid
The automated valve greasing system removes personnel from the red zone with remote control that reduces maintenance time by 25% and grease consumption by 20%.
Render of the automated valve greasing system with the grease injection unit and the remote control panel skid
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