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Flanged-connection fracturing fluid delivery technology

Save time and money with faster connections

Improve reliability and reduce potential leak paths on multiwell pads with Monoline flanged-connection fracturing fluid delivery technology, a safer, faster, cleaner alternative to conventional frac iron on multiwell pads. It is faster to mobilize and increases fracturing uptime while requiring fewer technicians on location. It simplifies the rig-up procedure by arriving on location preassembled; installation time is reduced by more than 60%.

Reduce wellsite hazards and potential leak paths by minimizing flowlines and connections

Monoline technology eliminates the potential to mismatch equipment, simplifies hookup, eliminates multiple flowlines, and reduces the number of connections or potential leak paths by up to 75%, thus decreasing HSE risk (conventional systems have 4–8 lines per well with 8–14 connections per line).

Monoline flanged-connection fracturing fluid delivery technology in the field
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