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StimCommander Manifold

Automated high-pressure iron

The StimCommander Manifold automated high-pressure iron provides fluid flow from the POD blender and pump truck into the well. Up to 10 trucks (5 on each side) may be connected to the automated missile. The trailer has a maximum rating of 15,000 psi [103 MPa] and maximum flow rate of 80 bbl/min [12.7 m³/min]. Two separate suction manifolds are provided. Each manifold has two 6-in [15.2‑cm] lines with 10 truck connections and 6 blender connections.

The automated iron comes equipped with a wellsite process control kit to remotely open and close valves from the human machine interface. This remote control enables personnel to be removed from the high-pressure area while pumping, thus limiting HSE exposure. Additionally, built-in intelligence minimizes the possibility of pumping against a closed valve.

Optional ground valve skids can be used with the automated iron for remote control of the high-pressure area.

StimCommander Manifold iron.
StimCommander Manifold iron.
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