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StimCommander Process Trailer

Automated blender and hydration unit

The StimCommander Process Trailer automated blender and hydration unit is a dual-function trailer that is both a hydration unit that mixes dry polymer powder (such as guar) with water to form an aqueous gel and a programmable optimal density blender that blends and pumps up to 120 bbl/min [19.2 m3/min] of fracturing slurry or up to 60 bbl/min [9.6 m3/min] with full redundancy. This dual-function trailer reduces footprint by eliminating the need for additional equipment on location. The unit’s computers precisely control the solid-to-liquid ratio of proppant and powder, and the liquid-to-liquid ratio of liquid additives at design values in either ramp or stair-step mode. The system runs in a fully automated mode with set points received from the command and control cabin software.

StimCommander Process Trailer unit.
StimCommander Process Trailer unit.
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