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StimCommander Proppant

Automated proppant delivery system

StimCommander Proppant system for the StimCommander platform.
StimCommander Proppant system for the StimCommander platform.

The StimCommander automated stimulation delivery platform automates and streamlines surface operations, resulting in a smaller footprint, increased efficiencies, and reduced NPT. A combination of bulk material delivery and storage systems, equipment designed for continuous operations, automated processes, and accurate inventory management enables more-efficient, reliable, and cost-effective fracturing operations with reduced HSE risks.

As part of the StimCommander platform, the StimCommander Proppant automated proppant delivery system stores proppant for gravity-fed delivery into the blender or process trailer. Silos are transported with the erector trailer, which is used to install the silos on the mobile base frame structure.

A complete set includes four silos. Each silo has two compartments with a total storage capacity of 2,500 ft3 [71 m3] (compartments are divided into 1,200 ft3 [34 m3] and 1,300 ft3 [37 m3]). Individual compartments contain a level sensor to prevent overfilling and the silo design minimizes spillage and blowing of sand. Each silo is supported on a set of load cells that comprise the inventory management control system. Proppant can be transferred to the silos either using mechanical conveyance via the proppant loader trailer or using bulk pneumatic haulers. As the proppant is transported to the top of the silos, the type of proppant is identified and directed to predetermined bins, limiting contamination of proppant types and reducing the risk of human error. Each belt can offload a full sand truck in less than 15 minutes.

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