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Seating and Landing Nipples

Prevent flow control devices from passing

Choose nipples that function with or without locks to suit your completion

Landing and seating nipples are no-go devices with a reduced bore smaller than the tubing ID. They prevent flow control tools from passing through and are available for single and dual completions.

For some applications, such as in setting a hydraulic packer with an equalizing standing valve, no locking device is required. In such cases, a nipple with a top no-go shoulder on the uppermost end and a polished bore is used. The standing valve shoulders against the reduced ID of the packing bore and seals in the polished section.

Seating Nipples

Lock and seal for maximum stability

Nipples with a range of sizes, thread connections, metallurgies, and pressure ratings are available for landing, locking, and sealing locks with attached flow control devices in the production tubing. The internal profile of these nipples includes a shoulder that engages the no-go of the appropriate lock, a locking recess, and a polished bore. The lock and flow control device are lowered into the tubing using slickline until the no-go of the lock contacts the no-go shoulder in the nipple. Jarring causes the locking dogs to move out into the locking recess, anchoring the assembly; the lock packing seals in the nipple's polished bore. Multiple bore sizes are available for stacked, multiple-nipple applications.

Download a product PDF below for detailed specifications.

A-Seating nipple

CAMXN bottom no-go landing nipple

CAMX selective landing nipple

D-15 no-go landing nipple

DB-HP top no-go landing nipple

DB no-go landing nipple

D-Series no-go landing nipple

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