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Drillable bridge and frac plug

Minimize risks of presetting and plug movement during multistage fracture stimulation

Isolate zones during multistage plug-and-perf fracture stimulation using the Copperhead drillable bridge and frac plug. Engineered antipreset features reduce your risks and costs while running using wireline, coiled tubing, or threaded pipe. The solid core also enables the plug to hold pressure from both directions, even under multiple pressure and temperature cycles.

Add flexibility, and flow back after fracturing

The plug features nondegradable aluminum material and incorporates a one-way, internal check valve that is closed with a ball while the zone above the plug is fractured. The plug can be run with the ball in place, the ball can be dropped from surface after positioning the plug, or a caged-ball configuration can be used. The check valve enables free flow of fluids from below the plug immediately after stimulation. Plug design also facilitates rapid milling both by preventing slipping or spinning and by milling into small cuttings that can be easily circulated out of the well.

Copperhead drillable bridge and frac plug
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Order Copperhead drillable bridge and frac plugs on Eliminate presetting and withstand multiple pressure reversals to reduce rig time and costs.
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Drillable bridge and frac plug
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