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Fully composite frac plug

FracXion Micro fully composite frac plug

>100,000 FracXion™ fully composite frac plugs installed

How FracXion plugs improve plug-and-perf completions

FracXion fully composite frac plugs are set using wireline or coiled tubing or on pipe. Antipreset measures increase confidence at higher run-in-hole speeds, saving time. An optional pumpdown ring reduces fluid bypass, saving fluid as well as time.

Integrating the frac plugs with the Unity single-use wireline adapter kit and frac plug setting tool eliminates the potential for human error and operational delays.

A one-way internal check valve is closed with a ball while the zone above the plug is fractured. The plug can be run with the ball in place or the ball can be dropped from surface when the plug is in position. The check valve enables free flow of fluids from below the plug after stimulation.

FracXion fully composite frac plug
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    Accelerate milling, even in longer laterals

    FracXion plugs are designed for milling out with minimal torque and circulating debris to surface at lower circulation rates to protect your fractures.

    They use a packer element compound that drills out into small chunks that are easily swept to surface. The hollow metal button slips are designed to shatter during milling, reducing metal content and debris sizes. Special clutch features at the top and bottom of the plugs prevent spinning between plugs, reducing milling time to total depth—even in the longest laterals.

    ReacXion and ReacXion Nano frac plug

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    What makes FracXion plugs right for me?

    • Intuitive field assembly or preassembly with Unity setting tool
    • Proprietary angled antiextrusion backup system for 360° element support
    • Optimized slip material and design that minimizes hardened material and reduces milling time
    • Button material options of sintered metal or ceramic
    • Proprietary slip design that prevents button chipping and plug slipping
    • Integrated shear-ring design that simplifies assembly onto the adapter kit that connects to standard setting tools
    • Innovative locking feature that minimizes number of slips
    FracXion & ReacXion
    Fully composite frac plugs and dissolvable frac plugs