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TRFC-HN Single-Line, Multiposition Interval Control Valve (ICV)

Flow control valve that minimizes hydraulic lines

TRFC-HN Single-Line, Multiposition Interval Control Valve
TRFC-HN Single-Line, Multiposition Interval Control Valve
Rated to 7,500 psi [51.7 MPa]
Rated to 325 degF [163 degC]

Simplify intelligent completion installation by minimizing hydraulic control lines

The surface-actuated, tubing-retrievable TRFC-HN single-line interval or flow control valve uses one dedicated hydraulic control line to activate the choke section and control flow in producing wells. Applying hydraulic pressure to the control line actuates the valve, and a built-in nitrogen gas spring returns it to the original position when the pressure is bled off, minimizing well interventions. 

The multiposition valve can be supplied in on-off, three-, four-, seven-, or eleven-position configurations. The main advantage of these configurations is to enable multidropping of more valves on fewer control lines. 

Intelligent Completions Increase Production in a Middle East Oil Field by 5% in One Year
Enhanced monitoring and control of fluid flow in heterogeneous carbonate reservoir provide access to additional reserves and reduce water cut
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Rely on rugged corrosion-resistant materials

These flow control valves are manufactured in a variety of materials, all meeting NACE Specification MR0175. The rugged design makes the valve suitable for severe environments with scale deposits, erosion, and other demanding conditions.

Nozzle-design flow ports ensure well-defined flow characteristics for the various choke positions and minimal erosion at high differential pressures. 

Control annular or inline flow

Two versions of the TRFC-HN valve are available—annular and inline. The annular valve controls flow between the tubing and the annulus. The inline valve controls flow inside the tubing via a shroud across the choke section and a retrievable plug installed immediately below the choke section. Flow is diverted by the plug into the shroud and reenters the tubing through the choke.

WellWatcher permanent monitoring systems can be deployed in conjunction with these valves to monitor downhole pressure and temperature for a better understanding and more precise control of the reservoir in real time.

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