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TRFC-LT Hydraulic Flow Control Valve

Control zonal production in lower-productivity wells

TRFC-LT Hydraulic Flow Control Valve
Rated to 5,000 psi [34.5 MPa]
Rated to 230 degF [110 degC]

Expand the economic feasibility of intelligent completions to lower-productivity wells with TRFC-LT flow control valves. These valves enable you to optimize well performance by controlling zonal production. For example, reduce water cut or improve oil production or injection sweep with zonal control.

You can install this high-volume, low-pressure valve as part of an integrated intelligent completion or as stand-alone flow control tools.

Control zones from surface

TRFC-LT flow control valves are actuated from surface by applying differential hydraulic pressure across a balanced piston. The balanced piston design eliminates the need to counteract control line hydrostatic head during operation, extending the valve setting depth.

Choose a valve to suit your application

Two versions of this annular-type valve are available: on-off or four position. For the four-position valve, several choke bean sizes are available. When the valve is fully open, there is no restriction to fullbore flow. TRFC-LT is a direct-position valve and can shift directly from any position to any other position.

Integrate data for downhole intelligence

Add Metris permanent monitoring systems or WellWatcher Advisor real-time intelligent completion software to combine data from multiple zones or wells and enhance your optimization efforts.

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