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IntelliZone Compact II

Modular multizonal management system

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Simplify intelligent control with an economical, integrated flow control system

Integrate production modeling, completion, and remote operations with the IntelliZone Compact II modular multizonal management system of components for , an engineered monitoring and flow control technology for multizone wells. It brings together as one compact unit an advanced design and production modeling engine, a fully integrated completion module, and a user-friendly remote operating system.

Minimize installation rig time with preassembly and pretesting

The downhole system integrates an on-off or four-position flow control valve, valve position sensor, ESP-noise-immune pressure and temperature gauges, packer, and optional multidrop module in one compact unit. The system is assembled and tested at manufacturing and delivered as a single, integrated unit ready to install out of the box, minimizing field connections and saving rig time compared with conventional intelligent completions.

IntelliZone Compact modular multizonal management system
IntelliZone Compact II modular multizonal management system

Reduce deployment complexity with multidrop capability

The system’s integrated design helps reduce the number of hydraulic lines required without reducing the number of valves the operator can control downhole. The multidrop capability simplifies the wellhead interface and eliminates the requirement for custom wellheads.

Simplify valve control with two computer clicks

With control logic programmed into the surface control system, valve operation is a simple two-click computer command. Unlike sliding sleeves, no rig-based intervention is required to modify valve position.

Improve performance as compared with concentric dual completions

A concentric dual completion is a conventional method of producing two zones simultaneously and independently, but the IntelliZone Compact II system has several advantages.

Manage your reservoir with digital data delivery.
Our permanent downhole gauges let you monitor your wells and reservoirs in real time and identify trends that can optimize well productivity and hydrocarbon recovery—without costly, time-consuming well interventions.
System Comparison
Compact II System
Simultaneous, controlled production from two zones Yes Yes
Real-time, high-frequency calculation of liquid production No Yes
Dual pressure-temperature sensors for each productive zone No Yes
Production behavior of each zone available in real time No Yes
Easy access for stimulation and injection operations No Yes
Number of ESP systems (if required) 2 1
ESP workover possibility without killing productive zones
No Yes
Downhole valves to control drawdown from each zone No Yes
Faster downhole pressure buildups in each zone and less wellbore storage effect No Yes
Real-time diagnosis of downhole issues (e.g., tubing-casing communication) No Yes
Number of completion components More Less
Initial installation time More Less
Surface equipment (transformers, VSD, flowlines) More Less
Well intervention costs  More Less
IntelliZone Compact II modular multizonal management system
IntelliZone Compact
Modular multizonal management system
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