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Liner Hangers

Improve well construction efficiency and enhance well integrity

Reduce costs and speed up well construction from deep water to land

Enhance well integrity and reduce costs in well construction with a full line of liner hanger systems and accessories for conventional and complex well applications on land or offshore. Backed by a track record of more than six decades, Schlumberger liner hanger systems and components are engineered to suspend, support, isolate, seal, and anchor in all types of applications and environments.  

The complexity of each application depends on a number of factors, such as well deviation, temperature, and pressure. With a range of available features, COLOSSUS liner hanger systems are suitable for the most straightforward to the most challenging environments.

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Cemented Liner Hangers

Enhance well stability and protect the casing with cemented liner hanger systems that suit a wide range of well conditions.


High-capacity hydraulic rotating liner hanger

Deploy heavy and long liners in drilldown applications, even in deep land, deepwater, and HPHT wells, to save time and enable rotation.


10,000-psi liner top packer

Run this V0- or V3-qualified packer above the COLOSSUS CMT liner hanger system in HPHT wells to enable drilldown and rotation.


Configurable hydraulic pocket-slip liner hanger

Run long and heavy liners with confidence, even in HPHT conditions, with or without liner rotation during running or cementing.


Frontier liner top packer

Maximize performance of deep and deepwater pocket-slip liner hanger systems.


Pocket-slip liner hanger

Hang long and heavy liners with high pressure integrity at the liner top and maximum support for your casing on land or offshore.


Pocket-slip rotational liner hanger

Hang and rotate long and heavy liners with high pressure integrity at the liner top and maximum support for your casing.


Pocket-slip rotatable liner hanger with integral TBR and cement bushing

Hang extremely heavy liners in heavy-wall casing with tight annular clearance.

Uncemented Liner Hangers

Simplify operations and manage economics in nontraditional completions, including slotted liners, screens, multistage stimulation, and extreme-temperature steam injection.


Uncemented liner hanger system

Simplify liner deployment in nontraditional completions such as slotted liners, screens, multistage stimulation, and steam injection.

Long Reach

Integral liner hanger packer

Facilitate liner deployment with push, pull, and rotation capabilities ideal for for high-temperature and thermal wells.

Expandable Liner Hangers

Deploy long, heavy liners in challenging conditions, including deepwater, extended-reach, and HPHT wells, with expandable, metal-to-metal sealing for the life of the well.

Liner Hanger with Metal-to-Metal Tieback System

Integrated technologies to simplify surface connection

Simplify the installation of a premium COLOSSUS CMT cemented liner hanger system with integrated gas-tight tieback technology.

Casing Reconnect

Metal-to-metal, gas-tight casing repair system

Simplify casing repairs to keep drilling programs on schedule and secure well integrity for P&A.


Hybrid expandable anchoring technology

Drill in, rotate, and reciprocate long, heavy liners in HPHT wells while maintaining maximum liner top integrity.

Liner Tieback

Metal-to-metal, gas-tight system

Solve problems with long casing strings by connecting a liner to a tieback string with full V0-qualified casing integrity.

Load Anchor

Metal-to-metal tieback casing anchor

Use conventional liner hanger systems with heavier axial loads by deploying an anchor that manages the loads.

Thermal Liner Hangers

Manage the most challenging thermal applications with robust, reliable technology designed for wells undergoing extreme temperatures and temperature cycling.

LHP 650

Dual-grip thermal hydraulic-set liner hanger packer

Simplify installation with rotation and improve reliability in thermal applications with nonelastomer elements.

RLHP 650

Retrievable dual-grip thermal hydraulic-set liner hanger packer

Maximize isolation and flexibility with liner hangers in conditions that exceed temperature and pressure limits for elastomers.

RLTP 650

Retrievable thermal hydraulic-set liner top packer

Manage liner top debris, rotate into place, and keep fullbore access to the liner in thermal applications.

RSLH 650

Retrievable mechanically-set scab liner hanger

Reduce remediation costs in damaged thermal wells with a scab liner hanger designed to simplify and optimize repairs.


Long-stroke retrievable mechanically set scab liner hanger

Reduce remediation costs in damaged thermal wells with a scab liner hanger designed to simplify repairs and optimize cementing.

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