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Liner hanger systems

Enhanced well integrity and well construction efficiency

Careful planning before and during installation can help operators prevent issues that significantly impact NPT. Since 1952, our dedicated team of liner hanger experts has offered customized support, a commitment to excellence in execution and service quality, and optimized workflows with zero NPT. We're backed by an extensive global track record to maximize efficient processes and effective outcomes.

More than 25,000 installations worldwide

COLOSSUS liner hanger systems have been deployed worldwide with a 99.5% operating efficiency.

Versatile COLOSSUS systems

The complexity of each application depends on a number of factors, such as well deviation, temperature, and pressure. With a range of available features, COLOSSUS liner hanger systems have a history of success in the most straightforward to the most challenging environments around the world.

liner hanger system hook up combination
The COLOSSUS premium liner hanger system is designed for deepwater, shelf, and onshore wells and high-pressure, high-temperature environments.
liner hanger system hook up combination

Liner Hangers


High-capacity hydraulic rotating liner hanger

Deploy heavy and long liners in drilldown applications, even in deep land, deepwater, and HPHT wells, to save time and enable rotation.


Configurable hydraulic pocket-slip liner hanger

Run long and heavy liners with confidence, even in HPHT conditions, with or without liner rotation during running or cementing.


Solid-body mechanical-set liner hanger

Run light and medium-weight liners in wells where the workstring can be manipulated to set the hanger.

Liner Top Packers


Liner top packer with or without hold-down slips

Choose a reliable packer rated to 10,000-psi [68.9-MPa] differential pressure.


High-pressure V0 liner top packer

Run this V0- or V3-qualified packer above the COLOSSUS CMT liner hanger system in HPHT wells to enable drilldown and rotation.

Running Tools


Hydraulic collet running tool

Run liners and release without rotation—ideal in high-inclination wells.


Right-hand-release running tool

Mechanically or hydraulically set liner hanger systems that require high torque to drill the liner.


Retrievable cement bushing

Maintain pressure integrity for liner hanger and liner top packer operations.

RBS Rotational Ball Seat

Simplified running and setting

Save time running and setting liner hanger systems, and reduce pressure surges.

Cement Heads

CMIB Light

Internal-bypass cement manifold

Control cementing of liner hangers, including rotating systems, on small land rigs.


Internal-bypass cement manifold

Control the flow of cement and displacement fluids during liner cementing operations.

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