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Liner Hanger with Metal-to-Metal Tieback System

Integrated technologies to simplify surface tieback

Rated to 8,000 psi [55 MPa]
Rated to 300 degF [149 degC]

Combine the advantages of a liner and a full casing string

Simplify your cemented liner tiebacks with a metal-to-metal tieback system for your premium COLOSSUS CMT cemented liner hanger system. The fully integrated combination gives you all the benefits of running a liner—ream-down capability, rotation during cementing, instant annular seal, and improved ECD—with the sealing integrity of a full casing string.

Eliminate complications in liner and tieback applications

Conventional options to tie back a liner to surface include cementing the tieback string in place or using hydraulic double-grip anchors, midstring packers, or floating seal assemblies. These solutions typically require

  • elastomers, slips, packers, and hydraulic cylinders that introduce potential leak paths or axial loading issues
  • a cement job, which limits future sidetrack options.

The fully integrated premium system eliminates these concerns to deliver the single solution you need to protect a parent casing during high-pressure testing operations, accommodate a narrow pore pressure window during installation, or address tubing movement concerns. The technology is also useful in remedial applications such as scab or stub liners. 

The combined technology eliminates hydraulic anchors, midstring packers, and cemented tiebacks while delivering permanent, gas-tight seals between the tieback receptacle and the tieback string.

COLOSSUS M2M metal-to-metal expandable liner hanger system
The system installation sequence is a simple three-step process.

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